The Institute's areas of core competence are:

  • Debt management;
  • Financial sector management;
  • Macroeconomic management;
  • Research and Consultancy.


From 1997 – 2017, WAIFEM made a total of 637 capacity building interventions in pursuit of its mandate.  Of these events, 548 or 86.0 percent represented knowledge and skills upgrading through training courses/workshop/seminars while 89 or 14.0 percent represented missions (needs assessment and follow-up) and other capacity building-related activities, such as progress review meetings and impact assessment surveys/studies. A total of 17,239 participants benefited from the programme. 
Of the total 17,239 participants that benefited from programmes executed, Nigeria accounted for 6,954 or 40.3 percent, Ghana 3,352 or 19.5 percent, and Sierra Leone 2,374 or 13.8 percent.  The number of participants from The Gambia was 2,570 or 14.9 percent of the attendees; socio-political situation in Liberia adversely influenced its low participation rate of 1378 or 8.0 percent of the total.  Non-regional participants began to take advantage of the existence of the Institute with them accounting for 611 attendees or 3.5 percent (See Graphs and Table  1 below for additional details)

Participation by CountriesParticipation by Institutions

Participation in WAIFEM Activities

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