Annual Report

The details of the training programmes, seminars and missions are cataloged in the Annual Report.

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Training Catalogue

A yearly compilation of all the workshops and training activities of WAIFEM's training departments.

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2021 Programme of Activities >>

Latest news and top stories on WAIFEM and its strive for excellence.

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WAIFEM News >>
West African Financial and Economic Review

aimed at providing a forum for the dissemination of research and financial sector management as they affect economic performance...

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WAIFEM Brochure

Provides an overview of WAIFEM, its objectives, governance structure and courses.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan provides the elements mapping the desired future of WAIFEM.

10 years of building capacity

This book debuts experiences of WAIFEM in capacity building in the first ten years of its existence 1997-2006.

Financing Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in West Africa